Monday, 21 September 2015

Thursday: Staind - Just Go

     I'd like to preface your Throwback Thursday post for last week with a request that all the tr00est metalheads not get too butthurt over my selection for today. Deny as you might, I know that somewhere in your sordid pasts lurks one nu-metal album or another that you were really into back in The Day. Maybe you still listen to it (or them...) and maybe you don't, but I they're there.

     One such album for me and my metalhead friends is Staind's sophomore LP Dysfunction, the record that catapulted Fred Durst's best find into the nu-metal spotlight. Listening to this one again today, I find it to be a little hit or miss, as in, it hasn't necessarily held up the best. And, of course, Staind's catalogue post-Dysfunction has been "meh" at best. But there are some Staind songs worth still digging, like your Thursday track for last week. So just go ahead and click on "Just Go"

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