Saturday, 26 September 2015

Thursday: Slipknot - The Shape

     For this week's belated Throwback Thursday post, I feel pretty confident that a trip back to what is arguably Slipknot's masterpiece will be received well by most of you. If you would prefer some other hit of nostalgia, by all means, leave a comment and I'll make it happen.

     But for now, we're going to give "The Shape" from 2001's Iowa a spin. Like the rest of this record, "The Shape" has an unstoppable, frenzied energy to its choruses that kick me in the balls every time I hear Corey scream "everything else is just dust and filth". Iowa is a grimy, chaotic album, and "The Shape" is a perfectly grimy, chaotic snapshot from it. Mosh down Memory Lane with me, won't you?

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