Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sunday: Shining - Last Day

     The word that most frequently accompanies descriptions of Norway's Shining, is "blackjazz", which is either blackened jazz or jazzy black metal, depending on how you look at it. The title of their upcoming album International Blackjazz Society, due out next month, would certainly have you believe that those elements are key components of the band's sound.

     But the latest single from International Blackjazz Society, "Last Day", sounds more like a heavy Nine Inch Nails-esque track, with an electronic-meets-hardcore kind of sound. So maybe the takeaway here is that International Blackjazz Society will have lots of different sounds going on? Get your copy in a bout three weeks' time to be sure, but for now jam "Last Day" and compare it to similarly-titled-but-different-sounding first single "The Last Stand".

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