Monday, 28 September 2015

Saturday: Zeta - Silent Waves

     While I'm kinda sorta on the subject of Tesseract and vocalist Dan Tompkins, I've got the first single from Dan's latest project for your Saturday song. Ready for some mellow, 80's-style synthwave jams from Dan and none other than the Chimp Spanner himself?

     Oh, sorry, did I forget to mention that supertrio Zeta consists of produced Katie Jackson, Dan Tompkins, and Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner fame? And yet, this combination of a couple of famous prog names (and one with whom I feel I should be more familiar, but am not) doesn't sound at all like you might expect -- assuming, of course, you might be expecting something somewhere in between Tesseract and Chimp Spanner.

     What you are going to get from Zeta's first single "Silent Waves" is a chill synthy vibe that could have come right out of the mid-to-late 80's.  This kind of thing isn't really my cup of tea, and it's not necessarily yours either, but worth at least checking out for fans of either Dan or Paul, I think. What say you?

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