Saturday, 19 September 2015

Monday: Between the Buried and Me - Famine Wolf

     Hey kids, it's me again, and once more I've been pretty unproductive for most of this week. This time around I blame a combination of recovery from ingestion of meat and alcohol at last weekend's local rib and beer fest and recovery from a gnarly sinus infection. But of course, you don't really want to hear that kind of shit -- you just want to hear some music, right?

     So: how're you getting on with the new Between the Buried and Me album? I know it's a couple of months old by this point, but I recently had it in my car for maybe a week, so I'm much more familiar with it now than I was then. My somewhat-updated take? How exactly is a rock opera different from a concept album? I'm not complaining about the bands "newish" direction (ie: the rock opera), but as far as I'm concerned, Coma Ecliptic just sounds like a badass Between the Buried and Me album. Their last couple have had underlying concepts, so this one just seems like par for the proggy course.

     There are a bunch of cool tracks and parts on Coma Ecliptic, but your much belated Metal Monday song is "Famine Wolf", because it showcases a number of the different aspects that make up Between the Buried and Me's sound. Have a listen or two, and then maybe you can tell me what's so rock opera about it.

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