Thursday, 10 September 2015

Monday: Anup Sastry - Reflex

     Skyharbor fans have more to lament about the recent line-up shuffle than the departure of vocalist Dan Tompkins. Skinsman Anup Sastry bid the band adieu as well, meaning that the groove quotient for Skyharbor's next album remains a semi-open question (we've heard new drummer Aditya Ashok's first crack at some Skyharbor material in the form of recent single "Out of Time").

     Anup's got a couple of solo EPs under his belt, but it doesn't look like he's joined up with another collaborative project just yet. I certainly hope he finds the right group of people, if he's looking for another band, because he's be an asset to a variety of heavier styles. For now, though, we can only fall back on said catalogue of EPs for some Anup Sastry Monday Funday groove.

     To that end, your belated Monday song is "Reflex" from Anup's 2013 EP Ghost. It's a little djenty, but don't let that stop you from bobbing your head and catching the energy that Anup's beats have got in spades.

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