Monday, 14 September 2015

Friday: Sanzu - Those Who Sleep in the East

     Want to scare your parents/neighbours with the metal you listen to? Blast your Friday song at high volumes, and I guarantee that, at the very least, elderly people in your building will think the end times have come.

     I could probably spend a week or two featuring nothing but Australian acts (hey, now there's a theme idea...), so fertile is the land down under when it comes to killer music. Your Friday band, Sanzu, are no exception, with their very Gojira-esque sound that rolls in and pummels you like a stormy sea.

     The guys in Sanzu have already been making some waves this year with their EP Painless, and now comes word of a debut LP Heavy Over the Home to be released before the end of the year, complete with a single and video to get everybody jazzed. If "Those Who Sleep in the East" is any indication, this one could squeak onto some Best of the Year lists for sure. Might Sanzu make yours? Check 'em out and see.

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