Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wednesday: Rosetta - Untitled I

     Speaking as I was the other day about it having been a month or so since the last time I'd posted about Lamb of God, your almost-on-time Wednesday song comes about a month or so later than the last new track I featured from this hotly-anticipated upcoming album.

     The strength of 2013's The Anaesthete gave a lot of people a lot of (typically high) expectations for the next outing from Philadelphia post-metal act Rosetta. We've already heard one strong track (the aforementioned "Untitled V" that I posted about back in May sometime) and now, based on the latest slice of the new record we've been given, I think it's safe to say that Quintessential Ephemera is set to kick some ass and take some names.

     "Untitled I" is essentially another seven minutes of Rosetta doing what Rosetta does: dense and layered post-metal that's big and expansive without ever feeling too meandering or unfocused. And as strong as this track, and its predecessor, have been, I for one am really looking forward to playing this one through a couple of times when it finally drops and hearing how everything hangs together. Rosetta always come up with some tasty parts, but they also know how to put those parts together to do big things.

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