Saturday, 13 June 2015

Wednesday: Aversions Crown - Parasites

     Speaking of The Black Dahlia Murder, you guys like tasty melodeath and deathcore, right? If your answer is no, then I have a follow-up question: what's your major malfunction, son?

     If your answer is yes, as it should be, then I've got a little something for you to chew on from Australia's Aversions Crown. Leaving aside the feeling I can't shake that their name should have a possessive apostrophe in it, I'm pleased to report that the latest from Aversions Crown is nice and heavy.

     "Parasites", so far just a one-off instead of harbinger of an album to come, has got a lot of heavy to be pleased about: plenty of riffing, a little blast beating, some djenty chugga chugga, a breakdown or two... basically all the ingredients you'd expect from a modern deathcore act, and all arranged in optimal order by the gang in Aversions Crown. An album's worth of this kind of thing could be pretty tasty -- listening, Aversions Crown?

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