Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Thursday: Pantera - Cemetery Gates

     I've just posted an interesting blog article on the Loud Noises Facebook page (yes, there's a Loud Noises facebook page...) written by God Forbid's Doc Doyle and asking the question of whether or not Pantera had an adverse if unintended effect on the sound and production of modern metal. No matter where you fall on that argument, it's an interesting read, and all the reason I need to do a Pantera song for your way-late Throwback Thursday.

     And it's not going to be just any Pantera song. No, today I'm going with "Cemetery Gates", one of the band's most famous numbers and one of the best pieces of evidence for the fact that Phil could fucking sing when he wanted to. The call and return at the end of the song between Phil and Dime is still, twenty-five years on, absolutely epic. Throw this one back loud.

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