Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sunday: In the Presence of Wolves - Storm in a Red Dress

     Let's all say a big "thank you" to Metalsucks for this one, because A) that's where I found it, and B) it's a fun song that I'm digging more with every play. Prepare yourself: you're about to be In the Presence of Wolves.

     Well, more in the presence of In the Presence of Wolves, but that doesn't roll quite the same now, does it? Either way, "Storm in a Red Dress", taken from the band's debut LP Thalassas, does roll along quite nicely. It's a proggy, jazzy, rocking little number, and it's got sweet solo-y midsection (corresponding with the protagonist's bad trip in the video) that's just begging for some live reinterpretation and expansion. Plus, that's just a good name for a song, straight up. So check it out.

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