Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Saturday: Cormorant - Confusion of Tongues

     I'd really like to post a Saturday song based on the wedding I was talking about yesterday, ie: perhaps my favourite song that came up over the course of the evening. Alas, this was not that kind of wedding, and with the exception of matrimonial staple "Bohemian Rhapsody" (which was criminally truncated just as it was getting into the "heavier" section) there wasn't a song in sight that got me warm and fuzzy enough to want to post about.

     So instead I'm going as far in another direction as I can -- namely, to the land of slightly blackened, slightly doomy instrumental prog courtesy of the Bay Area badasses in Cormorant. And fittingly, the instrumental track I've chosen today (most of their stuff is, in fact, replete with vocals) is entitled "Confusion of Tongues", a great name both for an instrumental song and for a post-wedding song, since you can't hear what people are saying over the music half the time anyways. For full effect, get dressed up before you jam this one.

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