Sunday, 17 May 2015

Saturday: Northlane - Ra

     What're your thoughts on Australia's Northlane? Would you be excited if I told you they've got a new record coming out, or unimpressed? What about a new single? Not sure? Read on and find out.

     Spoiler alert: based on said new single, if you didn't dig Northlane before, you probably still won't, and even if you did, you might find yourself cooler on the new material. The new single in question is called "Ra" -- or seems to be, anyways, as the single's reveal was apparently the end result of an online scavenger hunt/puzzle solving kind of situation -- and if it's indicative of the rest of the forthcoming Node then you can expect things to be full-on, groove-heavy djentcore.

     Now, keep in mind of course that "Ra" might not sound the same as the Node's ten other tracks, but for the time being it seems like things will be low, heavy, and groovy this time around for Northlane. It's not necessarily a drastic shift in sound, and the strong core (no pun intended) of melody that still lies at the heart of "Ra" means that things could be more evolutionary than revolutionary on Node. Check it out and, if you dig, make a note to yourself to grab a copy when it drops in July.

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