Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Refused - Francafrique

     Ready for some more new Refused? You say that you are, but we'll just see about that, as their newest noise comes with a bit of a twist.

     The 'twist' in "Francafrique", the latest single from the forthcoming Freedom, is a weird kind of funky, poppy mentality that reminds me in places (the verses, specifically) of Nine Inch Nails more recent stuff. And lest you think you're ready even for that, there's some full on horns sprinkled throughout this one.

     But inside this somewhat unexpected shell is a core that feels suitably Refused. The lyrical content and the attitude are as grimy and acerbic as you might expect, and the tonal shift musically isn't that outrageous given the band's experimentation in the past. So get on board (like me) or get butt hurt (like some of the internet seems to be on this one) but either way, get "Francafrique".

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