Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday: Earthside - The Closest I've Come

     We'll get caught up today, I swear, and we'll do it in style too, dammit! Epic instrumental style, to be exact, which (as regular readers will know) is right up my alley.

     Even those among you who haven't been reading that long should by now have picked up on the fact that instrumental prog of the epic variety is very much my jam, since I'm always featuring those kinds of songs and suggesting that you listen to them. That's why I'm always stoked when I come across a band like the source of your Monday song.

     Connecticut's Earthside have yet to unleash their debut album A Dream in Static upon the world, but if the strength of first single "The Closest I've Come" is any indication it should be a suitably proggy and epic enough album of instrumental goodness to please anyone with tastes similar to mine. The track's one of those eight-minute journeys that never overstays its welcome and always seems to fly by. Give it a listen (or two!) and watch your afternoon disappear in a wash of cinematic prog. Tasty!

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