Sunday, 3 May 2015

Friday: The Beatles - In My Life

     Funerals and memorial services are never fun (excluding, of course, your Irish wakes and suchlike). No matter the circumstances, no matter your emotional proximity to the deceased or their relatives, these kinds of occasions are always, to put it flippantly, a downer.

     But funerals and memorial services can also be occasion for families reconnecting, for nostalgic trips down memory lane, for leafing through photo albums and sharing again all the stories connected with each frozen moment in time. As I start the usual process of catching up on a few missed days, it is in this bittersweet spirit that I've picked your belated Friday song.

     That song is "In My Life" from the classic 1965 album Rubber Soul by The Beatles. Even as a kid I found this a beautiful but melancholy song, and as I get older "In My Life" only gets more poignant. Put this one on and raise a glass to everyone, dead or living, that you've loved in your life.

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