Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Arcadea - Gas Giant

     It's a kinda sorta Techno Tuesday for you this evening, and hey look, it's actually on Tuesday! Will wonders never cease?

     Why do I say "kinda sorta" this time around? Because this isn't electronic music, strictly speaking, which is what I think of when I think techno. But Arcadea is more synth-based electro-prog than techno per se. And why should you care? Because Arcadea happens to be a project that involved none other than Mastodon skinsman Brann Dailor, playing acoustic drums here in all his unholy glory.

     The result is an interesting synthesis of digital and analog, of electronic and organic, that sounds like it could be electro-Mastodon, but not quite. It's actually a pretty cool bit of fusion, but even if you don't dig the style smashing, some fresh pieces of badass drumwork from Brann are always welcome. So check out "Gas Giant" and then groove out while we all await further news of a full-length.

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