Friday, 20 December 2013

Salt of the Chief Cornerstone - Baptism of Fire

     You might be reading today's posts in some order other than what I posted them in, so SPOILER ALERT: today marks the first Twenty Question interview I've posted in a while, conducted with Windsor's Salt of the Chief Cornerstone.

     As a refresher for all of you late-comers, Salt of the Chief Cornerstone are a guitar and drums duo cranking out some rocking instrumental prog jams that are flush with head-bobbingly good grooves. I discovered them when they opened for none other than Protest the Hero here in Kingston back at the start of November, and now it's your turn to hear what they're all about.

     Your song today is a driving number called "Baptism of Fire" with a chunky, palm-muted "verse" riff that reminds me of classic video game soundtracks, like Tetris or something - not in the sense of sounding like Russian folk music (although their stuff does have some ethnic-sounding flavour in places) but rather in the sense of syncopated, harmonized melodies. It is, however, up to you whether you listen to the song first, read the interview first, or - best of both worlds here - put the song on and then read the interview. Spoiled for choice much? Yeah, I'm too good to you.

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