Saturday, 14 December 2013

Friday's Song: Numbers - Legal Lee Speaking

     Want to know what happens when you spend a week getting up for a 4:15 am start time at work instead of your usual leisurely 5 o'clock? You fall asleep around 7 in the evening, after you've chosen the song of the day but before you've even written the post!

     The worst part is, yesterday's song stoked me right up when it was released the other day. Why, you ask? Well, I've been looking forward to the finally-complete-work-in-progress debut LP from my boys in Numbers for some time now, and on Thursday the band did all of its fans the solid of releasing the video for the album's first single "Legal Lee Speaking".

     There's no word yet on the expected release date for Three, but at least "Legal Lee Speaking" is chock full of the tasty goodness that made me like Numbers in the first place: gnarly keyboards, badass riffing, blippy electronic bits, and Kyle's powerful vocal work, a little more refined and matured on this release if "Legal Lee Speaking" is any indication. Plus there's both guitar and keyboard solos! You couldn't really ask for anything else. Well, you could. But you shouldn't. Check it.

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