Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Exist - Writhe

     I featured fusion metal band Exist a couple of weeks ago, but their debut LP Sunlight is so solid that I feel compelled to sing their praises again for the benefit of anyone who isn't familiar with them yet.

     To that end, your song this evening is Sunlight's opener "Writhe", a nearly ten-minute epic that's a story of two halves. The first four or five minutes feature some sinister fusion riffing, and the latter half consists of a seriously jazzy instrumental section. Take both parts together and you get a track that demonstrates pretty thoroughly what Exist is all about, which in my opinion is just the job you need your album opener to do. If you don't hear "Writhe" and then want to hear the rest of Sunlight, then this kind of fusiony stuff just ain't your cup of tea. My condolences.

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