Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Salt of the Chief Cornerstone - Taken By Storm

     Two pigs with one bird in tonight's quickie post: marking the occasion of tonight's Protest the Hero show here in Kingston (pit report coming in the next day or two...) and continuing the impromptu Instrumental theme week.

     Yes, I figured it's been too long since we've done a theme week,so why not capitalize on the momentum of the rad instrumental posts of the last two days and just make a whole week of it. Sound good? Good. Now for the Protest the Hero show bit.

     One of the opening bands, Salt of the Chief Cornerstone, happens to be an instrumental guitar-and-drums duo from Windsor, Ontario. Vaguely jam-bandy at times, Salt overcome this with an ebbing and flowing style that honestly felt a little Tool-esque to me. The same kind of build and release, except done instrumentally a la Russian Circles or something. Except that there's only two of them, making the interplay of both instruments that much more important.

     Have a listen to "Taken by Storm" from Salt of the Chief Cornerstone's first EP of demos, and turn it up loud (maybe even close your eyes?) if you want to come close to simulating the energy of being about ten feet away from a performance of this monster.

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