Friday, 29 November 2013

Fall in Archaea - Armistice

     Oh, Canada! If any of you were disappointed or dismayed by the decidedly non-metal nature of yesterday's song, I've got just the remedy for you today, and even better, it comes courtesy of some fellow Canucks.

     I'm just discovering Victoria's Fall in Archaea, but apparently they've been honing their sound for a couple of years now and are finally ready to release their debut LP Aura Magenta on Christmas Eve. With feet firmly planted in the realms of both djenty chugga chugga and new-school tech-core, they run the risk of being lost amid the din of similar bands, but Fall in Archaea display just the right flashes of melody to catch my attention.

     Your song this evening is "Armistice", the recently released first single off of Aura Magenta, and it's chock full of enough groove to get your head bopping and enough strange, slinky guitar acrobatics to convince you that the end of the world is indeed at hand. Give it a whirl and show Canada you care.

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