Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Night Double Feature

     I took the evening off yesterday, so tonight you get two rapid fire songs for your Loud Noises dollar. It's a steal of a deal!

     First up, we have a song that expresses the feelings of inadequacy I have every time I miss a day: Beck's "Loser" from the 1994 record Mellow Gold. Soy un perdedor indeed.

     On a slightly more serious note, your second song this evening is from Ulcerate's latest album Vermis. I was previously unfamiliar with this death metal act from New Zealand, but this album's been getting some good word of mouth online so I felt I should give it a shot. It's a dense, brutal affair, but there's some good stuff here if you can weather the onslaught.

     A lot of the album is pummeling, in a doom-and-gloom dirgey kind of way, but there are flashes of straight up death metal ferocity, like "Confronting Entropy", a track that exemplifies the kind of endurance good metal drummers, particularly those in death metal bands, must possess. Ulcerate drummer Jamie Saint Merat must have the calves of a sprinter, is all I'm saying. Check it out if you think you're ready for an aural assault.

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