Sunday, 20 October 2013

Protest the Hero - A Life Embossed

     You should all know by now that I digs me some Protest the Hero. If you also enjoy some of these Canadian metal darlings, you probably already know that Volition has been leaked and subsequently released for streaming by the boys.

     You might even have gotten the chance to (legitimately) download a copy for yourself, if you happened to be one of those fans who contributed to Protest's Indiegogo campaign. But even if you haven't heard the whole album yet through means above board or otherwise, you just might have heard this evening's song, the latest track for which the boys have released a lyric video.

     No matter where you fall in the debate on Canadian pitbull legislation, there's a good chance you'll like "A Life Embossed". It's classic Protest, and while I wouldn't say it's my favourite song on Volition, it is further proof that Protest the Hero have still got it. Fans of the band should be well pleased with this record.

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