Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Protest the Hero - Drumhead Trial

     Thanks apparently to some early radio leakage, we've all got another new Protest the Hero track to help keep our appetites for the new album sated for a little longer.

     "Drumhead Trial" also gives us another example of Chris Adler's drum work with the band, and also happens to feature Ron Jarzombek (from Blotted Science, among other bands) doing some guest guitar soloing. All of this adds up to another solid Protest song. Does it matter that all people can say about the recently revealed Volition album art (which seems to me to be a pretty unsubtle statement about voyeurism and objectification in our modern times) is "ZOMG bird gang rape!!1!"? Not in the slightest.

     So take a few minutes right now to put on some "Drumhead Trial", and then take the rest of your evening praying to whatever gods you see fit in the hopes that this record will drop sooner.

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