Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Illucinoma - Pickled Punch

     "Mellow" has been something of an undercurrent the past couple of days, but not today. No, not today.

     There's a decent chance you're familiar with Dutch band Textures, but the chances are probably not quite as good that you're familiar with guitarist Joe Tal's other project, Illucinoma. But you should be. In fact, based on the strength of today's song "Pickled Punch", I'm willing to risk the wrath of the Interwebz by saying that I think you should be more familiar with the latter than the former, especially if "death" is your preferred flavour of metal.

     In any case, Illucinoma's The Evolutionist EP is out Friday, and "Pickled Punch" is a strong first impression. It has to be one of the heaviest things you'll hear all day. I for one hope more big Illucinoma riffs are in my future.

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