Friday, 18 October 2013

Ellipsis - Ancestral

     As regular readers will know, sometimes I go out hunting for stuff to post about, and sometimes it falls into my lap, usually because reading about one band or another points me in the direction of something they dig, or someone they know. A bit of a "friend of a friend of a friend" kind of situation sometimes.

     Well, today is one of those times. A post from friends of the blog Mandroid Echostar came up in my Facebook feed earlier announcing the release of the first single of Canadian proggy djentlemen Ellipsis. "Ancestral" doesn't exactly reinvent the djent wheel, but it does offer a well-built example of that wheel, with a smooth ride and some decent rims.

      Yeah, OK, the wheel metaphor breaks down if you try and put too much into it, but "Ancestral" is still a cool tune, if you're into things of a djenty persuasion, and it shows promise. If this is just the first single, who knows where Ellipsis goes from here.

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