Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dance Gavin Dance - Doom & Gloom

     Metal purists and elitists alike beware: the following post may induce fits of shouting "fucking scene kid" at your monitor. Please refrain from doing so in public places.

     So you should all know by now that I dig post-hardcore noodlers Dance Gavin Dance, and you should similarly know that I've been looking forward to their new album Acceptance Speech since I discovered it was in the works more or less by accident a month or two ago. Now that I've had some time to digest it, I've decided that while the self-titled album or Happiness are still vying for the title of my favourite DGD record, Acceptance Speech is at the very least as good as their last couple of outings.

     Of course, if you fall into one of the categories I warned above, I doubt any amount of recommending on my part will change your mind about Dance Gavin Dance. But the open-minded among you purists and elitists, as well as the rest of all you general readers out there, just might dig "Doom & Gloom" from the aforementioned new album Acceptance Speech. It's got some heavyness to it while still retaining DGD's noodly, jangly melodicism. And that riff at about 2:10 ain't too shabby either.

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