Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Circles - Erased

     There's a decent chance you're getting tired of this whole djent thing by now. If, however, you're still interested in such things, you've no doubt spent some time with Circles' new record Infinitas by now, and discovered for yourself that there's still some quality water in the djenty well.

     Circles don't necessarily bring to the party any of the usual bits of extra flavour metal bands typically use to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack -- blistering speed, super bizarre time signatures, that sort of thing -- but the bits they do bring to the table are as solidly done as they come. Big riffs, even bigger vocal melodies and harmonies, good production values, Infinitas has it all in spades. Circles' debut EP The Compass is a pretty big pair of metaphorical shoes to fill, but Infinitas is definitely growing on me with every listen.

     This evening I'm going with Infinitas opener "Erased" as your song, because it does exactly what a good album opener should: it gives the listener a thorough sampling of what's in store for them over the next however many tracks. "Erased" does this nicely, aptly demonstrating that, as I've said many times before, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to come up with something that rolls (and rocks) pretty damn hard.

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