Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Administrative Post: Format Changes here at Loud Noises

     Good afternoon everyone, just TheBeard here with a quick post to let you know I've decided to experiment with the format a little here at Loud Noises.

     Regular readers will know that besides the (very) occasional Twenty Questions interview (which I'd like to make more regular, or at least more frequent) the majority of what I currently do with Loud Noises is the Song of the Day feature. Now, I intend to continue this feature, because I like the challenge and because it keeps me writing and posting at least something every day, but since pretty much every post I write is one of these daily recommendations I've come to the conclusion that I don't really need to keep letting you know that this post or that post is yet another in the daily series. I think the fact that they're songs, and that I talk about them once a day, should do most of the work involved in conveying the "Song a Day" theme.

     So from now on (or at least until I decide to switch things up again) the daily Song of the Day posts will forgo the usual qualifying Song of the Day label and just cut straight to the good stuff: the name of the song. I figure you're all clever enough to know that when I just write a post about a particular song, and it's the only post I've done all day, it's probably a safe bet that said song is your Song for the day.

     Clear as mud? Good. The other minor formatting change I'm going to try out is the removable of the jump breaks in said Song of the Day posts. Typically I try to come up with a witty or snappy opening sentence or sentences to serve, along with the title of song itself, as an incentive for you to click through and read the rest of the post.

     But perhaps you've caught on to this stylistic choice and, in an effort to avoid reading any more of my ramblings than is absolutely necessary, simply look at the title of the post to see what song I'm recommending before jumping ship for Youtube to check it out. Maybe, just maybe, putting the whole post right there on the main page will be enough to get you through the whole post. We'll see. I'll still probably put jump breaks in longer posts, like this one or the Twenty Questions posts, but for the time being you're going to get every luscious word of my daily posts delivered straight to the main page, unabridged.

     Will either of these changes alter Loud Noises dramatically? I don't think so, so if you already can't stand what I do here, that's not going to change. But if you do dig what goes on here, then maybe you'd welcome a little format massage. Or not. Feel free to comment one way or the other.

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