Monday, 14 March 2016

Monday the 15th (of February): Valleys - Choices

     Unsurprisingly, my alliterative attack continues with a little Metalcore Monday for you, featuring a young North Carolina band called Valleys that happen to have picked an ambitious concept for their first LP. Experiment One: Asylum, out last month, is a fictionalized account of the Multiple Personality Disorder of it's main character Asylum. High-brow concept meets tasty metalcore? Colour me interested!

     The record itself is still in my listening queue, but first single "Choices" certainly entices and intrigues with its very modern-sounding brand of techy, djenty metalcore. The intensity of its riffing and its relatively short running time (less than four minutes) combine to give "Choices" a nice dose of energy and urgency. Throw in some added poignancy from the sudden death of one of the band's vocalists in a car accident shortly before the album's release and you've got a recipe for some emotionally charged listening. Check these guys out on tour in April if you get the chance.

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