Thursday, 4 February 2016

Wednesday the 27th: Plini - Every Piece Matters

     Need something a little laid back for your Thursday (or Wednesday, if you're with me in maintaining the fiction that this is a Wednesday post) morning? Australian guitar wizard and friend of the blog Plini has got you covered with a tasty new single. And the best part? You can help out a good cause while you acquire and enjoy some good jams. Win-win!

     Plini has announced that all proceeds from the new single "Every Piece Matters" will go towards the Every Piece Matters initiative of charitable organization Raw Impact in support of families in Cambodia, continuing the work he started back in 2014/2015 with single "Ko Ki". So if you've got some dollars burning a hole in your Paypal account, why not send them Plini's way? And if you don't, why still spread the word and the tunes around, because the world could use more mellow and proggy jazz fusion that's doing some good on the side.

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