Friday, 5 February 2016

Thursday the 28th: Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

     Throwback Thursday time again, and this time we're going back the better part of twenty years (sounds like a goddamn long time when I type it aloud like that) for a rocking good tune with a fun video from a series of fun videos. Why does nobody do fun videos like this anymore? And why won't kids today stay off my lawn?

     Full disclosure: my favourite Foo Fighter album is, and likely always will be, 1997's The Colour and the Shape. But the Foos' follow-up, 1999's There is Nothing Left to Lose, had a bunch of good songs on it too -- the first of the record is pretty strong, really, assuming older Foo Fighters stuff is something you're into. I'm going to go ahead and make that assumption, since you're still reading at this point, so your Throwback Thursday for last week is the lead single and best video from There is Nothing Left to Lose, "Learn to Fly". The appearance of Tenacious D, and the fact that the majority of the characters in the video (the principal characters, at least) are played by Foos, combine to make this one of the most fun videos in the band's catalogue, and that's saying something. Peep this one and get nostalgic.

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