Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday the 30th: The Gorge - Thousand Year Fire

     The nature of your Saturday the 30th of January post is a bit of a challenge for me to pin down. At its core (ha, see what I'm doing there?) it's very 'core', but what you throw on the front of that is kind of up for debate. There's some progginess, and enough tech flavour (in the vein of Misery Signals or perhaps Straight Reads the Line) that just saying metalcore isn't nearly enough.

     I'm talking about The Gorge, and the opening and title track from their forthcoming new record Thousand Year Fire. "Thousand Year Fire" is, like I said, a very 'core' kind of song, but it's anything but one-dimensional. Pick an instrument and listen to just it for a while, and you're bound to hear a little something -- a variation at the end of a riff, a section with an interesting (bass) chord or two, that kind of thing. Those interesting touches, and a cool groove or two, help "Thousand Year Fire" do what any good opening track should: pique my interest for the rest of the album. See if it does the same for you.

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