Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Monday the 25th: Marilyn Manson - Posthuman

     It's not Thursday, either in reality or in messed up "Loud Noises time", but I'm still going to throw it back a bit for a Manson Monday post. Regular readers will know that I have a nostalgia-flavoured spot in my heart for the first few Marilyn Manson albums that I sometimes like to indulge, and bully for you, today is one of those times.

     In particular, we're headed for what's probably my favourite Manson album, 1998's Mechanical Animals. This record was of course released at just the right time to hit an adolescent me, but it's also a solid record that I think holds up pretty well to this day, assuming you ever liked it to begin with. I actually jammed it again just the other day, giving me the inspiration to regale you with this rocking number. So please have a go at "Posthuman".

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