Monday, 1 February 2016

Friday the 22nd: Resurrecting Id - Renewal

     There might currently be a wealth of djenty progressive instrumental bands with some jazzy flashes, but how many of them go full fusion with a lead saxophone? I can only think of one off the top of my head, and it's got enough saxy goodness to get Kenny G on board.

     How familiar are you with fusion three-piece Trioscapes? Because if you can imagine their serpentine songwriting shifted in a djentier direction and you'd at least have an approximation of what to expect from Resurrecting Id, the self-proclaimed "groundbreaking experiment in saxophone-fronted progressive metal". Not everybody likes jazzy guitar noodling in their metal, but if you happen to, why not hear what it's like when that's translated into the sweet language of sax. The whole of last year's self-titled EP is worth a listen or two, but if you've only got the time or stomach for one saxual experience today, make it Resurrecting Id's second track "Renewal" for a nice blend of big djenty groove and furious sax attacks.

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