Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sunday the 10th: Pronostic - Becik

     To avoid falling a full two weeks behind, I say we start ripping through some shit and forge a path back to greatness. Agreed? Good. Let's start things right with some with some old school flavour courtesy of yet another solid metal band from the most distinct and unique culture in Canada (ten points to whoever can name the source of that little socio-political gem).

     Montreal metal band Pronostic have just put out a new video for the track "Becik" from their latest album An Atomic Decision, and while the video isn't necessarily the most memorable (even if it is pretty cincematic) the song itself slays. Fleet-fingered riffs blend old school feel with new school musicianship and sheer speed. Fans of melodic death metal need to get Pronostic on their radars, pronto. Check out "Becik" and see what I'm talking about.

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