Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year's Eve: Thursday - Jet Black New Year

     This one's got all kinds of layers going on. See, it's a post for New Year's Eve, and the song's at least somewhat New Year's themed. And New Year's Eve fell on a Thursday in 2015, and this is a really cool song from seminal post-hardcore act Thursday. It's like an onion, right?

     Or maybe not. Either way, even if you think the title is a little too emo, Thursday's "Jet Black New Year", from the 2002 Five Stories Falling EP, is a great song and one of my favourite Thursday tracks. The music has a bit of an edge that lots of Thursday lacks, even if the lyrics are standard Geoff Rickly (which is to say decent, but maybe, like I said, too emo for tr00 metalheads). So since I'm so late to the literal party with this one, keep it in your back pocket for next New Year's.

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