Sunday, 24 January 2016

Monday the 11th: Mandroid Echostar - Haunted Vows

     How has Mandroid Echostar's debut LP Coral Throne been treating you? I've been digging it, but I haven't been able to spend enough time with it yet to pick a favourite, which is usually how I decide what gets to be a Song of the Day. So in the interest of giving you a Mandroid Monday for this particular much-belated post, let's revisit the band's 2013 sophomore EP Citadels, shall we?

     Specifically, let's check out "Haunted Vows" for a slice of slick grooves, syrupy leads, and a mid-song instrumental break that's spearheaded by a nice fat bass lick that's simple yet hypnotic. When everybody comes back together on that lick for the end of the song, it's that much bigger for it. Mandroid, if any of you happen to catch this post, come on back to Kingston already, will you? I'll buy you a beer for an LP well done.

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