Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Last Sunday: Caligula's Horse - Rust

     Catching up continues here at Loud Noises with a Sunday song (last Sunday, that is) from one of the many, many great bands currently coming up from down under. Caligula's Horse might be one of the most well known Aussie prog acts making international waves right now, and they're certainly one of the best, so come take a ride with me.

     I was given a copy of the latest Caligula's Horse record Bloom for Christmas, and after spending some quality time with it over the last week or so I can recommend it highly to any fan of groovy, progressive stuff. Sure, there's a moment or two (including a riff in your last Sunday song) that one could derisively label "djenty", if one were so inclined, but on the whole Bloom is just too diverse to pin down like that. There's some really catchy hooks, some great grooves, some very tasteful lead guitar work -- and of course, Jim Grey's powerful vocals.

     I've featured a song from Bloom before, but this time around we're going full heavy with the acerbic "Rust". Call that main groove djenty if you must, but I defy you to not enjoy it all the same.

(Sorry, no link this time, but Bloom worth a download/stream/purchase, so pull the trigger and then get rusty!)

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