Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Last Monday: The Black Dahlia Murder - Hellion

     Normally, if I make an unusual demand on your time, it's to request ten minutes or more for some sprawling epic. This Metal Monday post for last week is an apology of sorts.

     "Hellion" is one of the bonus tracks from 2015's Abysmal by The Black Dahlia Murder, and at around a minute in length it couldn't be any more fast and furious. Sure, it's a bit blink and you'll miss it" if you're not paying attention, but the flip side of this coin of brevity is that you can hit repeat a couple of times and still not have spent all day rocking out. Those are seconds you can save for the next time I come up with something epic, so go hard for a measly sixty of them with "Hellion" ASAP.

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