Sunday, 17 January 2016

Last Wednesday: White Stag - Mothouse

     Time for the broadest of my alliterative posts: the Weird Wednesday. I use this one as a catch-all for anything that's a little out there, and your mucho belated Wednesday post today certainly has a little bit of "out there" to it. Feast your ears upon Knoxville four-piece White Stag.

     More specifically, have a go at closing track "Mothouse" from White Stag's recently-released EP Eos Crux. The EP's a varied product of diverse influences, with moments of black metal, drone, and jazzy post-metal and -rock. The song is a ten-minute microcosm of that variety, with stark beauty set beside grimy, crusty blackness. It's a perfect Weird Wednesday jam, and well-suited to the grey weather we've been having here lately. Enjoy.

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