Monday, 18 January 2016

Last Friday: Hands of Despair - Sleeper

     So I seem to have halted the backward slide. Now it's time to push back, starting with something nice and meaty for a couple of Fridays ago. And the best part? These guys are Canadian! Tres bien!

     It seems like la Belle Province, and Montreal in particular, are like Canada's Australia, in that there's loads of good shit coming out of Quebec just waiting to be discovered. Like Hands of Despair, a solo project turned full band that's got a new album Bereft coming out in just a few weeks. To demonstrate why you should be excited about this record, I've decided to go with the sample song they've got over on their Bandcamp page, a whopper entitled "Sleeper". Beautifully blackened and crusty, with enough melodic sense -- and enough heavy riffing -- to call to mind older Opeth, and that can never be a bad thing. Don't find yourself 'bereft' of something to listen to come February 9th; check out Hands of Despair.

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