Friday, 11 December 2015

Thursday: Funeral for a Friend - Juneau

     I've been talking about "core" type stuff for the last couple of posts, including a mention or two of things sounding like stuff I used to listen to lo those many years ago. So I thought why not just feature something along those lines with an actual selection from my own screamo days gone by? Happy Throwback Thursday!

     I've talked about Welsh band Funeral for a Friend before, so all I'll really say about them this time out is that if you're at all a fan of this kind of stuff, these guys are a band you really should know about. This particular album, 2003's Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation, is one that received a lot of play with us when it came out, and your song today will still come out every once in a while when any of us are sitting around with guitars. "Juneau" first appeared on one of Funeral's early EPs, but the full-on, reworked version you're getting today was one of the singles from Casually Dressed. Put this one on and feel young again.

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