Monday, 7 December 2015

Sunday: Baroness - Morningstar

     We're only a couple of weeks away now from the release date for the latest colour-coded album Purple from Baroness (what, you thought I was going to talk about something else that comes out in just a couple of weeks?) and the guys aren't letting up in terms of marketing and hype generation. "Shock Me" started streaming less than a month ago, and now we're getting what will presumably be one last appetizer before the main course drops on the 18th.

     As much as I really dug "Shock Me", especially after a few listens, the new track "Morningstar" is probably going to strike Baroness fans as the closest thing to older Baroness that we've yet heard from Purple. Meaty riffs and driving drums are the order of day here, with a buttery, effects-drenched solo that would sound right at home just about anywhere in the Baroness catalogue. An album full of songs like this one and "Shock Me" will be a tasty early Christmas present indeed.

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