Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Saturday: Pomegranate Tiger - Stomp the Haunted Crown

     Are you a musician? Want to feel jealous? Pomegranate Tiger's latest album Boundless can help.

     This time around, multi-instrumentalist Martin Andres decided to keep Pomegranate Tiger a solo project -- literally. There's some guest bass work, and a string quartet, but everything else is Marting: drums, guitars, piano, the works. It's enough to make any metal-minded musician wish they could switch between instruments so easily. (Like our friend AJ from back in The Day could. We all hated that about AJ. It did make him a great jam partner though.)

     Anyways, Boundless is a solid slice of groovy progressive instrumental metal any way you look at it, but throw in the solo nature of the project and it becomes downright impressive. Have a listen to "Stomp the Haunted Crown" and be impressed.

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