Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Monday: The Gabriel Construct - Ranting Prophet

     My usual Monday alliteration doesn't really work this week, as your song today isn't exactly metal per se. So, how does Monday Madness grab you? Because that's what you're getting in today's track by The Gabriel Construct.

     Sure, there's some moments of profound heavyness to be found on debut Gabriel Construct LP Interior City, but the truly epic, multi-instrument arrangements crafted by TGC's driving force Gabriel Lucas Riccio would probably be better described as experimental prog. There's a whole shitload of things going on here, with layers and layers of lush, dense, musical weirdness that runs a gamut of styles and moods. I don't know if this one's for everybody, but keep an open mind and you might just wrap your head around it. To help you along, here's one of the more straight-forward (not to mention shorter!) tracks, "Ranting Prophet". Headphones are recommended.

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