Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mandroid Echostar - Iron Hands

     A little over a month ago, we got our first taste of the forthcoming debut LP from Mandroid Echostar. Now we've got another track to mull over, as well as some preorder packages for Mandroid's Coral Throne and a release date that feels like it's practically on top of us already.

     The actual date in question is January 15th, so it's really more than a month away, but the impending holidays and end of the calendar year here in the western world makes it feel like mid-January is right around the corner. New Mandroid song "Iron Hands" should help get you through the last couple of long weeks that in reality remain between now and the release date for Coral Throne. "Iron Hands" is essentially more of what Mandroid Echostar is good at: slick-sounding pop-metal with just the right amount of technicality. Between this one and the previously released "Paladin", it seems like Mandroid Echostar might just be set to open 2016 with a contender for one of the year's best.

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