Monday, 16 November 2015

Sunday: Mono - Death in Reverse

     Cast your minds back, way back, to yesterday's Saturday post of the latest offering from The Ocean. If you'll recall, I told you that this monster of a track was The Ocean's contribution to a two-track split with Japanese instrumental post-rock band Mono. Since then, it's occurred to me that it might be a fun little experiment to check out Mono's track next.

     And here we are. Not to be outdone by The Ocean, Mono have crafted a similarly epic track, "Death in Reverse". At eleven minutes long, it clocks in just a couple of minutes shy of "The Quiet Observer", and even though it doesn't have any vocals (notice I didn't say that it "lacks" vocals?) it still packs a whole musical journey's worth of feels into its eleven minutes of slow-building burn. Don your headphones and prepare yourself for some chills.

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