Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hazards of Swimming Naked - Accept the Mystery

     Want to keep things mellow but would prefer more of a post-rock kind of mellow rather than the fusiony mellow of the last couple of days? Well OK then. Once again, there's a band from Australia for that.

     This time it's Hazards of Swimming Naked, an instrumental five-piece post-rock band that's all about the "slow-burn, big-build" side of post-rock. 'Cinematic' is the term I often see used for this brand of instrumental music journey, and that definitely applies here, especially where the band's latest offering is concerned. "Accept the Mystery", a previously-unreleased song for which the band recently did a live video shoot, takes a few minutes of atmospheric guitar-and-glockenspiel build-up to get going, but I think you'll agree that the trem-picked climax to this one is worth the wait. Check it out.

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